Age Quod Agis

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Marist Brothers Rosalie - Old Boys’ Association (OBA) was formed to facilitate a continuing relationship with the College and former classmates. This is achieved by coordinating a number of functions throughout the year that all Old Boys are invited to attend. 

The Spirit of Rosa Lives on


The Marist Rosalie Old Boys are looking for your great stories and memories.
All members of the Rosalie family are encouraged to submit pieces to share the Rosalie spirit.


Jim Griffith - Resignation

Jim Griffith (1963) Former President - Rosalie Old Boys' Association.

The MROBA committee, on behalf of our membership, would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Jim Griffith, who has stepped down as President. His passion and dedication have greatly enriched the Rosalie Old Boys. He has left a considerable legacy to the Association and we are greatly thankful.

While he is no longer President, we are sure Jim will continue being part of our community and will attend our upcoming events.

Thank you, Jim, for your incredible service.

Jim was elected President in November 2020 for the 2021 – present.
Jim served as Secretary from 2018 to 2020. At the AGM in November 2020, Jim was elected President for 2021.

AGM – 2021
Highlights in 2021 to 2024


  • Annual Reunion
  • Annual  Rosalie Tribute Match
  • Annual Marist Sports Lunch attended by 1st XV Rugby Team Members from 1962,1972,1982
  • Annual Marist Vintage Lunch held in Cyprian Pavilion

Highlights in 2023 to 2024

  • College Captains back to 1960 workshop
  • Participation in 2023 with Australian Marist Solidarity project
  • Friends of Gallipoli – Received a “Lone Pine” Tree from Gallipoli
  • Reach our Target of $5000 raised for AMS    
  • Introduction of Paid Membership of $25 annually, from July 2024

News & Events


The Marist Brothers Australia are committed to helping those who have suffered abuse in the past, find healing in their lives today. If you would like to receive support of any kind or report or would seek to report abuse please click on the link below: