Marist Rosalie Old Boys' Association AMS Donation Page

One of our major goals in 2023 is to support Marist Charities in our region so we can assist those who have not been blessed with the same educational opportunities we experienced in Australia.

Australian Marist Solidarity (AMS) is the international agency for the aid and development work of the Marist Province of Australia throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. AMS works with the people in this region on a combination of long-term and short-term development projects. These projects aim to develop or support locally sustained education opportunities for the young people in these regions.

Please visit their website at if you wish to familiarise yourself with this organisation and understand the work they do.

Who is Marist solidarity?

Australian Marist Solidarity (AMS) works to ensure that all young people have access to educational opportunities.

We believe education has the power to eradicate poverty. With your help, we support grassroots movements run by local people, by empowering them to make a change in their community.

Working across Asia and the Pacific, AMS projects focus on providing access to education for vulnerable young people, building facilities for the future to ensure safe spaces for learning, and investing in resilience and readiness to help young people who need a little extra support to thrive in learning environments.

Together, we transform the lives of young people by raising awareness of the power of education, and the funds that make it possible.