• Rosalie College Captains’ Lunch – The Marist Centre:  21st January 2022
  • Old Boys’ Sports Day and Lunch – Cyprian Pavilion:  30th April 2022
  • Marist Rosalie Rugby Tribute Match – Ashgrove vs Villanova:  14th May 2022
  • Rosalie School Reunion: TBA
  • Marist Vintage Lunch -Cyprian Pavilion: 12th August 2022
  • Rosalie End of Year Lunch: TBA


  • January 15th. 2022
  • March 19th. 2022
  • May 22nd. 2022
  • July 16th. 2022
  • September 17th. 2022
  • November 26th. November 2022

Venues where meetings are convened may vary depending on availability.

If you wish to attend Management Meetings as an observer you are most welcome. You will not be entitled to vote on motions.

Should you wish to present a business case for consideration by the Management Committee this must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 14 days before the scheduled meeting.

We encourage ideas that a are beneficial to our Association. If there is a cost involved, we would request that an estimate also be included as part of the submission.

Please send any contribution to this newsletter to: JIM GRIFFITH
Mobile: 0419 715 697