You are currently viewing Rosalie Parish Master Plan: What is happening?

Recently Father Gerry Kalinowski announced that the Rosalie Parish is undertaking investigation into development of the land it has in the Jubilee Parish precinct, much of which has lay unused for a number of years.

As a starting point initiative Father Gerry published the following article in the Pentecost Sunday Newsletter.

The Parish has responsibility for our Churches, support of the clergy and mission of the Church. We are an important provider of community spaces and services. However, there are many challenges in managing our properties. This includes the varied, and often declining use of facilities, ageing buildings and infrastructure as well as funding the cost of maintaining heritage buildings.

The Parish is seeking to update the planning controls which apply to land around the Sacred Heart Church, Old St Bernard’s Church in Paddington and St Thomas More Church in Petrie Terrace.

The planning application Many of the Parish’s properties are located in the Community facilities zone under the Brisbane City Plan 2014. This zone allows for different types of community-oriented development – from schools and art galleries to funeral parlours and major indoor sporting facilities.

The future planning application will seek to broaden the development options for its sites, and remove those potential uses which are not suited to the local area, and to better reflect and respond to the needs of the Parish and community.

The process is known as a ‘preliminary approval that includes a variation request’. The aim is to provide a greater level of certainty for the Parish and community, clearer controls for development and flexibility for different development options to come forward over time (30+ years) as we continue the Church’s mission. It will also seek to establish clear development parameters to guide the location, type and scale (e.g., building height, setback, and building area) of different land uses.

Future assessable development will still require planning approval from Council. Tell us what you think! We are seeking community feedback before we lodge the application to Brisbane City Council.

We want to know what you value about the sites and what you think about the proposed changes. Survey. An online survey will be available. The survey will be available until 17 June 2021. Come talk to us Members of the project team and Parish will be available to talk about the proposal and answer questions. (Note that there will not be a formal presentation.)

  • Saturday 29 May – 9-11am – Sacred Heart Church
  • Wednesday 2 June – 6-8pm – Lavalla Centre
  • Saturday 12 June – 8:30-10:30am – Sacred Heart Church

More information available from the parish office and on the parish website at the END OF NEXT WEEK.