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Dear Rosalie Old Boy,

As you are aware the Rosalie Old Boys’ Association has gone through a very dramatic growth over the past four years.   We have increased membership to over 1,300 contactable “Old Boys” and while we are still adding members daily, we know that there is still a long way to go. 

We have another 2,000 names on the database without email addresses and we are keen to locate those members so we can update their details.

There are many Class re-unions and other friendships of past students who may have contact we do not have.  Conversely, we know we could assist those organising Class Re-unions with members they do not have.

We have developed a website, produced a Newsletter and co-ordinated social events for members. We have a database which needs review and perhaps replacement with something more suitable.  

We have had Merchandise Sales of Rosalie Jerseys and Ties and want to expand this to a broader range in the future.

The Future

An announcement important to those who attended Rosalie is imminent and this will present more opportunities and indeed more activity and work for our Management Committee.
When this eventuates, we are need our Past Students to embrace this milestone and be part of the future.

When a new school is up and operational, we will want to raise funds for things like bursaries.   This will provide memories of Rosalie and the people who helped build our great school.

We need your help to do the groundwork NOW to make all of this happen.

  • We need to build a solid skillset of helpers.
  • We need the assistance from our Rosalie Old Boys to help us manage the following tasks.

Cerise and Blue Newsletter

We need a person with skills to edit and author our Newsletter.   That person should have strong communications skills, excellent knowledge of graphic design and MS office.   This person needs to be a good communicator and able to write clear, concise, objective and accurate material quickly.   Meeting deadlines is critical.

Website Management

Currently all maintenance of the Rosalie Website is undertaken by a third party who did the initial development and this will not change.   If the person has a knowledge of WordPress this would be advantageous.   We do expect this person to recommend website updates with material of interest to our members.

Database Management

Presently we are using Outlook for emails and using the contact database in Outlook to store members information.   We would expect our DB Manager to have initiative to make recommendations to improve and if necessary, replace the contact manager in Outlook.  We do need MS Office to talk to the Database we use.   


Our membership manager should be proficient at using all forms of social media, especially Facebook and LinkedIn.   We do not currently use Instagram but we believe this could be advantageous for Rosalie to have a presence on this platform.


If you have the skills to help us fill the rolls, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible.
The number of hours you will need to commit is not onerous but it is important that deadlines are adhered to.

You will be interacting with the Management Committee to discuss progress of various tasks and activities regularly.

If you would like to help and be part of our vibrant and energetic Rosalie Old Boys’ Association, please contact myself for further discussion.

Jim Griffith
Mobile: 0419 715 697