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The Rosalie Old Boys’ Website is up and operational.

We want you to access our site regularly for news events and general information.

We want you to consider a few of things when viewing the website: –

  • Use the website frequently; you will find items including latest news, events and history and photographs. It will be updated regularly.
  • The website is still evolving; By you giving us feedback and more information we can make it even better.
  • If you have material or photographs that you believe will interest all our Old Boys, please submit this via
  • If you would like to write a tribute or article you would like published, please submit this as well.
  • If you are planning an event or re-union, please let us help you with notices or finding missing Old Boys.

Overall, we expect using the website will be beneficial to everyone.   It will provide communication to all Old Boys and provide more regular updates to what is happening in our community.